n. & v.
1 power; exerted strength or impetus; intense effort.
2 coercion or compulsion, esp. with the use or threat of violence.
3 a military strength. b (in pl.) troops; fighting resources. c an organized body of people, esp. soldiers, police, or workers.
4 binding power; validity.
5 effect; precise significance (the force of their words).
6 a mental or moral strength; influence, efficacy (force of habit). b vividness of effect (described with much force).
7 Physics a an influence tending to cause the motion of a body. b the intensity of this equal to the mass of the body and its acceleration.
8 a person or thing regarded as exerting influence (is a force for good).
1 tr. constrain (a person) by force or against his or her will.
2 tr. make a way through or into by force; break open by force.
3 tr. (usu. with prep. or adv.) drive or propel violently or against resistance (forced it into the hole; the wind forced them back).
4 tr. (foll. by on, upon) impose or press (on a person) (forced their views on us).
5 tr. a cause or produce by effort (forced a smile). b attain by strength or effort (forced an entry; must force a decision).
6 tr. strain or increase to the utmost; overstrain.
7 tr. artificially hasten the development or maturity of (a plant).
8 tr. seek or demand quick results from; accelerate the process of (force the pace).
9 intr. Cards make a play that compels another particular play.
Phrases and idioms:
by force of by means of. force the bidding (at an auction) make bids to raise the price rapidly. forced labour compulsory labour, esp. under harsh conditions. forced landing the unavoidable landing of an aircraft in an emergency. forced march a long and vigorous march esp. by troops. force-feed force (esp. a prisoner) to take food. force field (in science fiction) an invisible barrier of force. force a person's hand make a person act prematurely or unwillingly. force the issue render an immediate decision necessary. force-land land an aircraft in an emergency. force-pump a pump that forces water under pressure. in force
1 valid, effective.
2 in great strength or numbers. join forces combine efforts.
forceable adj. forceably adv. forcer n.
Etymology: ME f. OF force, forcer ult. f. L fortis strong
n. N.Engl. a waterfall.
Etymology: ON fors

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